In April 2003, released Mospeng kun, which becomes the No. 1 marketing robot. Contributing to marketing such as retail shops, restaurants, event venues, etc. using the distribution of flyer which is characteristic of Mospeng kun No. 1. After that, developed Mospeng 2. As the world's first tissue dispensing robot, we succeeded in casting a new one in the marketing method. Currently, as a marketing robot capable of coalescing / transformation / remodeling using Mospeng 3 Unit, we are constantly using mainly event venues based on proposals suitable for various marketing situations.Also, Unit 4 is under development. In addition to that, we are designing and developing customized marketing robots that customers desire. We will continue to develop marketing robots that make the most of our strengths.

Mospeng Research Lab has four robot projects.

Development of Marketing Robot

It is a service that designs and develop custom-made robot that the customer desires. We will support maintenance and maintenance after installation. In addition, we can also offer new services using our developed marketing robot "Mospeng-kun". Mospeng-kun 3 will support business from 5 aspects. Character for brand image, settlement, distribution of fliers and free samples, market research, support in chat etc. Works that can not be handled by one person will be handled by a single unit of Mospeng-kun 3.

Robot OS & database development

In modern times, in order to cope with the changing environment, we thought that it was necessary for users to quickly retrieve necessary information, and developed EmeryDB. EmeryDB can realize a comfortable and optimal environment for all industry sectors by realizing simple operability and diversification of customization. For robots, we can provide smooth information strategy support not only as a robot's brain (OS) but also through "EmeryDB" anytime, anywhere, anyone.

Internationalization of Robot and
Marketing Tool Development

We are developing services for users who want to jump out of Japan and advance into the world, to spread products to the world.Localize the interface of robot and finish it as a robot that can work overseas.In addition to localizing systems and applications, we will do homepage to design localization suitable for overseas as well.

Robot Content Development

We develop robot face, interface of marketing function, interface of robot operation, entertainment function and so on. It's not "robot = difficult", but emphasizes interface "easy to understand and easy" .Various entertainment elements used for marketing. Various contents that can attract customers depending on the situation can be prepared.